Monday, August 22, 2016


You ever watch The Walking Dead? It's easy to think it's all about zombies, but really it's about people set adrift in a sea of human nature, living way outside their comfort zones, having to solve their own problems. The zombies are just a backdrop.

When I originally started this blog, I thought it would be about clearing jungle, building a house, growing a garden... Over the last couple years I've done those things, but haven't posted anything to the site. Partly because I'm busy and there are a million people already blogging about building tiny houses and chicken coops, but partly because I discovered a jungle that needed a lot more clearing.

The real going off-grid is stepping from a successful career into the abyss of self-employment. Enduring hardships and uncertainty to find real long-term happiness, if there is such a thing.

The house you are building is your free will, with no orders to follow and no one to blame but yourself. It's easier to be a wage slave than to be 100% responsible for your successes and failures. 

The jungle is in your head, the bubble you used to live in, misconceptions, marketing, human nature.

If you can get through all that, maybe you can get around to growing your garden. At least until the governor shows up with a tank and ruins your plans.


  1. Fellow IT guy you own this land? Are you still interested in forming a community of sorts? I'm looking to invest in something like this and I have a permaculture design background in addition to the database admin day job stuff. =) Let me know if you would like to correspond.


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